So you need a professional Tester for your next,  new project?


It just so happens that I’ve been working as one since 2013 so I know quite a bit about testing and required software. To be more specific:

  • JIRA, IBM Clearquest, Bugzilla, Apple Bonjour, TestRail, AgilentDMM, ToTo, BPA 500, PlantUML, Wireshark, Jmeter, SeleniumIDE, LoadWebUI, FlashGordon, Python, HAT, FirstBeat, Omron, dex2jar, iperf, DfUse

Unless you want to know about my successful projects:

  • Test management of:
    • four generations of Smart bands (including NFC payment, heart rate tracker; global release),
    • three generations of Smart watches (Android, MicriumOS; global release),
    • BT headset (from Blueprint to market release for Asia and US),
    • smartHome framework (iOS, US market release) based on Qualcomm Ath9k,
    • host apps (Android and iOS),
    • Wi-Fi Connected Speakers (global release; red dot award winner)  
  • Testing:
    • On-demand Internet streaming movies library (French market),
    • In car digital TV tuner with streaming functionality (German’ car company),
    • portal for fixed-term employment contracts (UK)
  • Test analytics of:
    • logistics software for small and middle companies (self-build software existing in Cloud),
    • demand management software for small and middle companies (website based self-build software)

Certifications? Yeah, I have some:

  • ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst (00077/ALTA/2017)
  • ISTQB Foundation Level (3574/2014)
  • IELTS 8.0 (17PL000508SIKM002G)
  • HSK1 (171/200)
  • McAfee’ Sales Professional System Security Certification


So you rather need a Writer for your blog or magazine?

No worries!

It just so happens that I’ve recently started freelancing here and there so I’m open for any propositions. The subject can be either technical or less serious – I can provide great article/essay  in no time.

Those guys were confident to publish me:

  • TEST Magazine  (“A smart industry needs smart testers”)
  • Ministry of testing (“Becoming A Better Tester Thanks To Being An Active Player”)
  • Professional Tester (“Test it like Sherlock”)
  • Tea-time with Testers (“Tester’s wildlife”)
  • Software Testing Help (“Five sins of working with Testers and Developers”)
  • Gloriosa Fanzina (“Unchain your imagination”)
  • Zeszyty komiksowe (“Granice komiksu”)

so maybe you can too?


So you rather want to know If I’m not a boring mate who will constantly talk about his job or can I survive by myself outside the company?

What a coincidence!

It just so happens that I enjoy traveling and I had a pleasure visiting few countries here and there. I’m constantly trying to discover more of the world when time or money don’t come in a way.

So far I was able to see:

  • Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam

In my free time – that is when I don’t eat bugs, ride buggy through desert, win Oscar (let we all bless 3D printing) or jump parachute – I try to learn Chinese, swim, boulder, play guitar, trophy hunter or try to read about Pulp magazines.


Now you know a bit about me but I’d love to hear something from you.

If you want me to work for you, ask me any questions or feature me in any sort of media you can always contact me using those little, cute icons at the bottom of the page OR by filling this magnificent beast below. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.